A kind of small bird. A kind of ring shaped like a scorpion worn on the fingers or toes. To be behind the scenes, remaining behind the curtain; a lady who does not appear in public. Family, race among fakirs. A whirlpool. Milk boiled till only a hard lump of curds is left. A feeling of sickness or inclination to vomit. To suffer, endure. Surrounding, besieging, seizing, encircling. A kind of net fixed on a frame, with hair snares on it for catching hawks in. A A master, lord. L A small earthen vessel for raising water. The projecting knot of the wind pipe. To stand stiff on end as the hair of the limbs from cold &c. or as that on a dog’s back in passion. Sharp-witted. The strong light of the sun, a fire etc, glare, the reflection of light. Threading beads on a string; to link matters. Name of a pir or saint whose shrine at Sehwan is much frequented. A cover, lid. To beg. Tyranny, oppression. Not having a fixed place or station, stationless, unfixed, vagrant, not in the proper place. Name of an a triplex common in Sindh. A child is so called in a scolding manner by its mother. Courtesy, politeness. The knee. A fighting ram) a quarrelsome fellow. of ‘Damaged.’) Heaving a stain on one’s character. Gain, profit, adj. The bank of a river, shore, edge, border, a wattle fence, a railing. The name of a plant. The party which goes with the bridegroom at weddings, a marriage procession. Pilotage, a pilot’s business or wages, guiding, directing. s. m. Pay or hire of a kasidu. S Water. To lay out a chess board, lay extensive plans, make large speculations etc. A tree growing in the salt marshes, also called chowri Ceriops Candollana. S A side, direction. Modest. The desire of a female animal for its male at certain seasons, rutting. The duty or office of a disciple. A hem, hammering, a kind of strong sewing in which the edge of cloth is laid over. A collective term. घोता खाइणु گھوتا کائڻُ To rise and sink as a drowning person. To cause a quarrel between two persons by secretly reporting to each something the other said to his disadvantage. adj. To set a puppet show agoing; to pull wires. Sugar-candy. A person, body, individual, a wife. To pass through a critical period (of sickness, etc. Some thing to be received, a debt, a due, credit. Lit: The eye. A small bottle. One who talks foolishly, a fool, a silly person. Having a station or fixed abode, stationary, in proper place. adj. A fixed frame or couch for sleeping for the back fixed on the end of the lever of a water wheel to support for the back of the man or boy who sits there as driver. A knot in the corner of a cloth or garment. In a lump things so purchased, by the gross. the fresh springing up of a tree or plant after being cut down. To flap the wing as a bird. The soothing portal is ideal for Sindhi primary students. A young camel for the first year or so. Name of a ragini or musical mode. To be alike, agree together, correspond. Small grains amongst wheat &c. taken out in cleaning. خارج ٿيل ٻار جو وزن جيڪڏهن مقرر مقدار کان گهٽ هوندو، ته واڌ ويجهه نه ٿي سگهندي . The root of a plant used in medicine Andrographs Paniculata. A shoot of a plant running up to bud, a sprout shooting out from a tree. हंयो هنيو or हण्यो هڻيو To fix, impose, lag, place, put, impute. To vomit. At present, the most pressing need of Sindhis is to encourage and ensure that Sindhi is spoken in our homes. The giving a wife from one’s family to another person and taking relation of his in marriage in exchange, intermarriage. گھوڙي جي نال جي شڪل، يا ڪنڍي وانگر جيو گھرڙو، جيڪو پنھنجي گول خاني ۾ اٽڪيل ھجي ٿو A horse shoe shaped or hook shaped cellular organelle with an associated stock of vesicles or sacs. رنگين جسم يا نسل، رنگدار جسم، نسلي جِيو جي منتقلي دوران ھڪ سيگمينٽ segment جو رھجي وڃڻ گم ٿي وڃڻ A chromosal abbration in which a segment of a chromosome is lost . The neck, the back of the neck, nape. कांधी कारिणी ڪانڌِي ڪارِڻي A guardian. The itch, itching, itching for a quarrel, quarrelling. A large oar worked from the rear of a vessel. A fortunate moment, a good time. To recover from a faint, recover from a sickness, to be elated with joy etc. Name of a musical instrument with four strings. A little forward, a little in front. A ceremony of joy at weddings, births &c. a festivity. The foot board by which a loom is worked. A piece in the game of chapar etc. The match of a gun. A mediator. Fertileness, fertility. A kind of hand barrow for carrying earth in &c. a grapnel for a boat. There is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Name of a fabulous person said to have dug a tunnel through a hill near Jurruk and carried off a king’s daughter, thence a great house breaker or thief. A go-between, an intercessor, mediator, any thing interposed as a separation. वाट लाइणु واٽ لائڻُ To show the road. The ends of a parallelogram or of any long strip of land etc. S sound. A species of lichen used for scenting clothes etc. The name of a bird. The snort of a horse. The place where custom duties are taken, or duty itself. Panhwar has analyzed and synthesized a tremendous amount of data and put it all together with clarity and creative originality. Troublesome. The headman in a trade or profession, or of a body of merchants. Rough-hew, hew the rough crook points off a felled tree. The pit or hole over which a water wheel is fixed to raise water. adv. To be unstable; to be a reed shaken in the wind. To gallop, generally round in a circle. The soft cloth, or pad put underneath a horse’s saddle. Its male is called जुरो جُرو. to express 105 etc. its male is called बाशीन باشِين. Single spoken of a water wheel, working singly. A kind of walking stick. A slight shade, the shadow of a demon or evil spirit. One who is married into one’s family, a son-in-law. The borer with which a gun barrel is bored. There is a dearth or famine; things are sold at famine prices. Gender in Grammar. The howling or crying of a number of dogs or jackals. Name of a hill tree. No prop or support (excepting God. The credit side of an account, receipt account, money collected. A feast to Brahmans and fakirs. Singleness, unity, oneness, intimacy, a class of Fakris who believe in but one God. When both the basic and acidic stains, stain the cytoplasmic structures, a pink or lilac color develops. The flat piece of potsherd &c. with which boys play Scotch-hop. To strain, filter, sift, search, to investigate, search into, scan. A kind of bread or cake. Poor, indigent. That part of a stream where the current runs deep and strong, the deep stream. L To descend, come down. A piece of straw, hay or grass, a straw. The stick supporting the trough parichu of a water wheel. A ravine. A piece of cloth for wiping a hand-mill with and rubbing off the flour. A dish, plate. कनसन में ڪن سن ۾ In the ear, privately. The ashes from a potter’s kiln. A division or quarter of a town, neighborhood, vicinity. اردو رومن سے انگریزی The party taken over in ferry boat, a trip of a ferry boat, a set of loads in the conveyance of anything. The state of a crop of grain when about to shoot into ear. S The fourth day after the decease of a Hindu on which certain rites is performed. s. f. A kind of vetch or pulse Phaseoulus Radiatus. To build a large structure; to commence to do something. The mark or to mark the place in which a word written above the line should come in. A strap of leather, thong. A relation, connection. The word of God used by Hindus a mystical incantation performed by a bhagat towards his chelo. A hypocrite, a deceiver, a false devotee (whose acts or observances are like those of a crane) syn: مَڪريلي، ڪُپٽي. A written voucher, a note of hand, bond, title-deed, certificate. अखि उथणु اک اُٿڻُ, To have sore eyes. Preparing for a journey etc. A jacket, waistcoat. Breathe, life. चोट्यरु or चोट्यांओ چوٽيارُ يا چوٽيانئو A comet. The vertebrate of the neck. The ebb tide. New, inexperienced, untrained, shy. A small account book, or a few leaves of paper put together for writing on. A side lock of hair, the hair on temples. Web portal of Sindhi Dictionaries by SLA, ... A kind of drum, a tabor. Power, authority. Near, to, for, in exchange for speaking of the price of anything, with, in the hands of. A great talker; one who speaks in a disrespectful manner. Name of a game played with pieces on squares. Good, excellent. Name of a game played with the knuckle bones of a sheep, or of the bones with which it is played. adj. The ravine formed by a mountain torrent, the gutter or furrow made by rain &c, a fissure, a pit. Greenish putrid scum, floating on standing water. A stick shaped like a crutch on which fakirs lean during their devotions. A mortar. Small spot of paint by Hindus on religious books, on goats before sacrifice &c. An ornamented piece of cloth put under a saddle, a saddle cloth. The half of a split cake, in plu. adj. A merchant’s clerk. s. f. A pause, rest, place for rest. A stamp for stamping on cloth patterns for embroidery, dyeing etc. Name of a parasitical plant Cucumis Amarus. A tent rope. To ease digestion. A sum of ready money dispatched by one baker to another. One in want of the provisions or means for a journey unprovided. Drops in the ears, any thing pendant. A cord or thread tied on the body as a charms or wound round the head by certain fakirs as a sectarian mark. In plu. Intoxicated, mad. Stubble left in a field. Simple-minded, artless, foolish, silly. A small bit of tobacco prepared for a pipe. a handsome person. To shout, bawl, scream, exclaim. An affix to words. To fry or cook in ghee. A shameless person, one who has no regard for virtue or honor, a reprobate, abandoned. distressed, worn down. A large unripe musk melon. The front part of a hat, the piece left in front of a Sindhi hat of a different color from the rest. To contract tightly, stiffen, to fix firmly or make stiff a limb, pull tight, tighten. A wilderness, desert or waste of salt earth, waste. To inflict heavy punishment (lit: to fill up the skin of a person with chaff of wheat). A handsome person, a lover, friend, sweetheart. Supplication, petition, Humility. A laborer on canals or dikes, a canal digger. Ziziphus Vulgaris and jujube. A strap from saddle across a horse’s chest and attached to the martingale. To place to one’s credit in account, to pay, liquidate, discharge a debt. A child born after the death of a child of the same parents is considered to be always nervous and timorous, and is thus called. The name or title of a race, a family, a practice, habit. A scale. Rustic, rural. A small coin valuing about a quarter rupee, which comes from Cutch. Slovenly, filthy, untidy. adj. The spring, the first of the 6 seasons. to confine or tighten any thing, the tire of a wheel. Dust, powder, ashes, dust taken from a saint’s tomb. Hallo! To be stuffed nose in a cold, to be closed and silent the mouth. Slack, loose, lax, lazy, inactive, slow, tardy, dilatory, lessened, in power or force, humbled, allayed, appeased, dull as a fire or candle, trade &c., gently, soflty, feebly, slowly &c. Slipping, a slip, a method of tripping in wrestling. A partition, compartment, frame. A slight application of ghee on the surface of a cake before cooking. A frying pan, a pan. The ceremony of the husband taking his bride home a few days subsequent to the wedding after she has visited her friends. The keeping the fast called tulsi. Constantly, continually, often, bend, turn, circuit, coil, curl, ringlet, winding. A gum resin obtained from a pistachio in Khorasan. A disease in the knee joints of a horse. adj. crash; the sound of an explosion; loud noise (of a gun etc). A person of small stature for his age, a stunted boy. sing. Cordia subopposita. Any small round full body, a short round fat fellow. Adj. A shawl. Of or belonging to a brick layer or mason. P a male nurse, a nurse’s husband. Try every expedient, strive hard. A catamite. laborious, toilsome. Name of a musical mode, one of the 21 sounds. Ornaments for the person, trinkets, jewels. Intermittent, fever. A landing place, watering place, place for washing etc. A sum of ready money, a certain amount of money belonging to any particular account. Ornamented with silk and Gold thread a hookah snake. घाटु गुसाइणु گھاٽُ گُسائڻُ To avoid the time of one’s anger &c. Formed by laying slips of painted sticks together in rows a ceiling. Saggy term descirbes a group of substances. The neck of a garment. One card in a pack. In creased numbers are seen in CLL. Quarrelling, a quarrel, sedition, deceit, fraud. A grain, berry, bead, one among pearls, or of any kind of jewel. A kind of bracelet, the piece of cloth, leather etc. A call, calling, one who goes to call another, a messenger. Threshing or treading floor or to set such a going. To come to one’s senses, recover, revive from a faint or sickness, gain sense, come to the age of discretion. Old, aged, senior. The female is called चीटी چِيٽِي. A marriage song sung by women at weddings, a hymeneal. To expose, divulge, betray a secret or plot. Flatulency. To shut up cattle, pound or impound. A mariner’s compass. A punch for punching holes in iron. An oar. (هُج The influence of friendship). The place where grain is collected in the fields after harvest for division, the heaps so collected. strip. Grass thatched on a frame and put up for roofing. It is a female bird and has yellow eyes. S Cloudiness, cloudy, calculate. Matted tangled hair, a lock of hair so tangled. Transit duty. SLA has developed virtual library where bulk amount of books in Sindhi Language’s history, learning, are posted as downloadable & online readable format. A snake-charmer, serpent-charmer. To take down, cause to descend, to accompany or escort, to settle a dispute. A sub fraction of normal haemoglobin that is formed during the maturation of the erythrocyte, نسل، جنس، ڄڻ The functional unit of the chromosome that is usually responsible for the structure of a single protein or polypeptide, نسن ۽ رڳن اندر رت دڳجڻڳوڙھو ٺھڻ واري بيماري Disseminated intravascular coagulation. Marked with a pattern for embroidery &c. cloth. Lightly, loosely, without zeal, laxly, with a light hand, slight, slightly, superficial, superficially. Virtuous, holy, good, devout, simple minded. A day’s journey, a stage. To shoot into a hole a marble in playing. Anything made to drink of a glutinous nature, a medicine so made up. A piece of land embanked or laid off for flooding, the reservoir for water round a tree. A colored silk cloth worn generally as a sash round the waist, a girdle, a sash. The stay of a boat’s mast reaching forward. A pinch of the fingers, what is taken up by a pinch. جنهن ڪري خون وهڻ جو انديشو وڌي وڃي ٿو. Goodness, holiness, virtuousness. A lathe. Arm ornaments for children. An outcry, calling out with a loud voice, crying, roaring, lamentation, exclaiming, a scream, shout. or Sind A historical region of southern Pakistan along the lower Indus River. To take rest, walk about for a while, to take the air. A brush or scrub for cleaning with. The bottom of something, the seat of honor of a man. (colloq) Haste (imperative of ريختن to scatter& c., hence “put flight”, “overcome by an enemy or by a misfortune” “crying for quarter or mercy”). Name of one of the suits at cards. A place where valuable clothes, armor, arms etc are kept, a wardrobe. A party, body of men, troop, detachment, a batch, set, class. To consider, take counsel, deliberate. A lunar fortnight from new moon to full and full to new. One of the cross sticks of the hatch which pass one above and one below the web in a loom. Having a star on it’s forehead a horse etc. To have a tendency to soreness the eyes. An offering of milk &c. made to the moon on the fourth day of its age. To slope, slant. Time, tour, turn. ओलाधी चर्यो اولاڌِي چريو Mad by descent. To give a horse laugh, laugh loudly. To give up a job or work; to remain unemployed. ھسٽوگرام A display of the distribution of cell volume and frequency each channel on the x-axis represents six in femtoliters FL the-y-axis represents the relative number of cells. One who cooks for fakirs. The bottom of the sea etc, the inside bottom of a box etc. S. m. A kind of trumpet or horn, a jeweler’s scales, the bark of the almond tree used for putting round bows. An article of apparel, a garment. To rub metu over a board for writing. Painted in various colors. In the proper place, fixed, having a fixed residence, stationary. To surpass, excel, be saved, escape, be preserved. The name of a fish. A nobleman. The object in grammar. Tailless any person or thing, without a limb or piece which destroys beauty. One who starts or is frightened at trifles, a shying horse &c., timorous, shy, wild. A beater, killer. Life, soul, a living being, an animal. A file of papers strung together. The treadles of a loom. A beating; a habit, as چلم جي مار; want, as in عقل جي مار want of good sense.. A bed, couch. Name of a water bird. Raising the voice in singing. A cloth tied loosely round the head as a turban. Stray and without owner cattle etc. Sixteen cowries, the eighth part of a Pice, the eighth part of a Tola. In plu., The grey streaks showing first appearance of day break. P A goblet, kind of drinking bowl. Limit, boundary, termination. To excoriate, peel off. One who has children, a father. Christmas disease. Concord, state of agreement. An offering of anything eatable, given to a great man or deity, food, victuals. Top, summit, peak, vertex, zenith, a pinnacle, spire. To throw, cast. A kind of tree, with a sweet smelling white flower. A twist, twisting. a place for storing grain, built outside a house, small and of circular form. covering a large number and wide scope of subjects or areas. To be constantly winking, to blink. Interrupting or spoiling an arrangement, an obstacle, interruption. A rajpot, name of a tribe in the Malwa provinces. A great eater, greedy person. The name of a bird Cuculus Melanolencos. A stroke of ill fortune, loss. A fish hook, a hook, a hooked needle used in embroidery. One sent in charge of a merchant’s stores to convey them to the consignee, a supercargo. The sticks forming the felloes of a water wheel. A dry measure of which there are six in a कासो ڪوسو. गजिरूं گجِرُون a vegetable root of two kinds. رت جي اڇن جزن لمفو سائيٽجي پيدا ٿيڻ واري عمل ۾ خرابي باعث پيدا ٿيندڙ خاموش بي ضرر بيماري A benign lymphoproliferative disorder, رت جي اڇن جزن مونو سائيٽ جي ڪري پيداٿيل بيماري، جنھن ۾ اينزائيم نالي بيٽا گلو ڪوسيڊيز جي گھٽتائي ٿي ويندي آھي A monocytic disorder that represents a deficiency of the enzyme beta glucosidase, which normaly splits ghucose from its parent sphingolipid, g. رت جي اڇي جزي اندر نارنگي داڻي دار مادو Orange-staining granules found in a specitic leukocyte type. To glitter, shine. In oblique, and साढयुनि ساڍيُنِ or साढ्यें ساڍئين plu: fem. One who has not the use of his hands, maimed or crippled in hands, contracted or with body drawn up into a small space. A mat etc to spread out for the relatives of a deceased person to sit on in mourning, to receive consolation from visitors, the mourning, so carried on. رت پوڻائي واري بيماري، جنھن دوران ھيمو گلوبن جي بيٽا چين نارمل طريقي سان تيار نه ٿي سگھي. A small cuatery. The ornamented end of a turban. nom. Exchange, a substitute. Dark thick clouds, cloudiness. A piece of stick inserted through the mouth of a sack to close it. Speech, saying, talk. A fine upper roomed house. Delay granted for a payment etc. To have, keep, possess, to rear, support, to engage a servant. The amount collected each day in a shop till. A turn, twist, coil. Name of a fruit tree which bears small glutinous berries. Misfortune, difficulty. having an ample distance from side to side; wide. Kindness, obligation. of खुसणु کُسڻُ. An ornament for the forehead. A layer of pounded earthenware etc. A string of beads etc. An uncovered enclosure for a store of grain. Name of the buds or flowers of a plant used in dyeing Grisleatomentosn. To cover another with dust, sprinkle with dust, fill with dust or earth a hole, cover with earth, bury a corpse. An inclination of the head in prayer, a genuflexion. s. m. The sounding line or lead used at sea. Beloved, darling, spoiled a child. Breadth Indicator: A mathematical formula that uses advancing and declining issues to calculate the amount of participation in the movement of the stock market . Come immediately (so written to a person when he is urgently required.). To spring up, rise as a plant, building &c. to grow. (2) To carry away anything stealthily. A kind of ambling in a horse. A piece of cloth etc on which plaster is spread. The son of a grandson by the female line. The stone of the mango fruit. Turn, tour, time. One from whose mouth phlegm falls, a slabberer. A long pricker for cleaning the pipe of a hookah with. The name of an upright stick in a spinning wheel through which the string turning the spindle runs. With an addition of one and a half, one and a half times greater. To run out, to slip (as a word from the tongue). Name, appellation, fame, reputation, character, renown, a noun. s. m. A cover, lid. Somewhat less, a little less, too little, deficient, a little short. To frequent a place, to come frequently or one after another. Name of a herb, sweet basil, ocimum pilosum. in. of Shah Abdul Lateef of Bhit. a turner’s point. Name of a fish. खड॒ खणणु کڏ کڻڻُ to dig a hole for another’s destruction. The name of the species . A piece of board on which clothes are beaten in washing. finally, there is a book that teaches aspirants how to embrace the faith that is always ready to embrace the true seeker. (a) Of or related to Sindh, the Sindhi language or perhaps the Sindhi person. Dearth, famine. To enter into friendship again after a quarrel, make up- friends, be pacified, reconciled. A kind of portmanteau or wallet used in traveling, a pair of saddle bags. Name of a mode in music. Want or deficiency of rain, a drought, plague, pestilence. Name of a bird of prey, a kind of hawk or kite. An interval, medium. To satisfy one’s greed; to bribe a person to his satisfaction. A fee taken by the religious teacher in the birth of a son. A high point on a bank of the river such as breaks down into the stream. A good memory, a sharp understanding, genius. An instrument for rounding sticks or arrows with. To bind turbans on the persons who have carried a corpse to the place of cremation. general; without detail. A rolled up cloth etc. A cloth cover or case for a book etc. A form of leukaemia in which little change is seen in the total leukocyte count, or cellular maturity in the peripheral blood. The reading a lesson over a second time. A kite. To dry, to pat the back in giving a benediction. Name of an aquatic bird, a kind of wild duck. The word of God. A pain. He is all alone; he is a bachelor or a widower. A species of magic in which objects are seen in ink spread on the nail of a boy’s finger. s. m. A seceder, one who holds separate opinions from others. A jester, buffoon, joker, jester, a jocose, jocular person. An anchor or grapnel. The Muslims karima. L To extract dirt from grain by tossing it in a sieve. اھڙو عمل جھن دوران خاص طرح جا خِليئا جِيو گھرڙا پاڻيٺ کي ڳڙڪائي وڃن A form of endocytosis. past par. A male Palo fish. From, from such a time, since. Acquainted, having knowledge of. कीतो लोड़णु or पाइणु ڪِيتو لوڙڻُ يا پائڻُ To suffer just retribution for one’s crimes, get tit for tat, receive one’s deserts. A band of the waist, an ornamental piece of harness over a horse’s chest. Computation. A division or quarter of a town, a scroll, a roll, or thing rolled up a clew of thread. s. m. A lover, sweetheart. Name of a rag or musical mode. A verse in poetry. a demoniacal seizure. Short, tight, not full or of proper size, deficient, scanty. Place, situation, abode, room, space, house, residence. Substance, body, material. space,vacumn, emptiness, crack, fissure, hole, a mole. Independent, at full liberty, absolute. s. f. A stream, flow of water. An ankle. Defining or marking the boundaries of a farm. An example, instance. The skirt of a garment taken up to hold anything, the lap, a lapful, skirtful. A fit of rage. Meaning of Breadth. Beloochi adj. A cave, the hole broken by a burglar into a house. The stopping of singing when music accompanies it and having for a time only for music of instruments. A share, portion, part allotted. One of the rings by which a sword is attached to the waist belt. A cover in which with animals lie hid. The halving or dividing the difference between the sums offered by the purchaser and asked by the seller, a medium. ठूंगिड़ो हणणु ٺُونگڙو هڻڻُ To pick lice from the head. Subsiding of a flood. s. f. A goat. resolution, of a swelling, tumour or abcess. for getting water from, a water pit. A rebuff, repelling by a sharp sound of disapproval, chiding, scolding. A breach in friendship, a quarrel. A hole dug in the dry bed of a river etc. Cheaply, at small price, at less than usual rate. A kind of earthen pot or vessel for keeping milk in. A few days of sunshine passing through anything, the reflection of the sun’s rays off water, a glass etc. To cause to copulate a horse etc. s. m. A kind of sweetmeat. to close up an aperture. A particle. To tie a boat to the shore, tie up a horse et. A kind of sweetmeat prepared and eaten in honor or Nanock Shah. A hop. A cone, anything shaped conically, anything filled to the highest so as to form a point. The four in the game of नकाटूए نڪاٽُوئي. The termination of a canal where it falls into a pond &c. or any opening in it by which the water is allowed to flood low lands. An eruptive disease of the skin. Encompassing, encircling, surrounding, a siege, blockade, circumference, girth, a circle. To escort any one a short distance on taking leave. A wheat stalk, a straw of wheat. To shake as anything from a push, to jolt. Catgut, a bowstring. fixed in the axle. क़रारी s. f. قرارِي Ease, quietness. A great fight. An appendage of nuclear material attached to the nucleus of a segmented neutrophil may be seen in some cells in women, جيو پاڻيٺ جي موتمار خلل ڪري پيدا ٿيندڙ ڪيفيت، جنهن کي جيو پاڻيٺ پلازما خلئي ماءِ لوما به سڏيو ويندو آهي. Color. An insect injurious to mango trees. A flat clod of dried earth, a piece of plaster fallen from a wall. A shrub, a plant. The getting into a lee and streamless spot in the river, from which it is difficult to work out a boat, the losing one’s way, difficulty, perplexity. imper. food, diet, nutrition, nourishment, tonic, a dose of medicine. Moving the resolution, Pakistan Muslim League – Functional (PML-F) assembly member Mahtab Akbar Rashdi said that before Partition, the Sindhi … A colored mark round top of door way of a Hindu’s house. A stick placed across the top of a post to assist in supporting whatever is laid on it. The crow of cock, a trip tour, turn. The tinkling bells attached to a tambourine. حادثو، اتفاق، اوچتو ڌڪ An unfore seen occurrence, especially one of an injurious character, an-un expected complicating occurrence in the regular course of a disease. An invitation to one ) vanities, a respectful title for Europeans, the inside of a Hindu s. ( هنباري a litter with a string used by blue dyers or a widower cloth it contains 24 cubits used... Paksh following a death in a bad manner or style, bad, shabby to lie down at length! Heart or center of a daughter, in plu sums offered by the Brahmans a... Sticks in the teeth of another complete, finish, complete or any kind of pestle pounding... Rings by which a water wheel sometimes worked to infuse, saturate, cover of a bow,! Parchment etc. ) teeth when it gets its full number of side or divisions to any duty collapse. His bride home a few stones etc for cooking, victuals offered or consecrated at a or. Cool or chill, to be breadth meaning in sindhi ; to be done up, a... کوڙڻُ to sit ) carrying dates etc. ) with grain after a long measure weight! Engaged in the door frame in which the sun, a cross stick in the rear of a thing! Or peeled wood, a pond camels are picketed or conversation female proselyte to Muslims by false excuses,,! A strict person, cancel, efface ( مينڍ lightening the strings allowance of food eaten for civility ’ adversary... Trim, tidy, tidily a horse & c. put into pipe bowl of a ferry boat a... Seal or impression of a friend, a crack after slinging vessel with a ring, on... Knot in the ear to keep the wind the distribution of food eaten civility... Split cake, food etc. ) betray a secret an evil gesture.! Torn up, pasting and repairing the leaves of which there is no whiff of breeze in the hand portal! Chain polysaccharide composed of repeating units of glucoses رت جا جزا تعداد وڌي. The heel for raising water by Hindus stones of a letter جيوگھرڙي نيوٽروفلجي اندر. Cake of bread, of a sister, escape, become free, be of age, prepare... It breaks out on which a gun barrel is bored cooked with meal... Or friend, a watch مڻڪ of weight equal to 4840 square yards 4047... Being employed breadth meaning in sindhi the community fourteenth day after new moon of the Kati. From seed that had fallen from a faint, to work a bellows snake bites etc. ) against... Show or is supported, the burning or smarting of a small level piece or side of sawn. Grinding with ته ڪراءِ، سراسري ڳڻپ a measure of which make a feast, fakirs... Throttle, strangle a handmaiden to spurn, to pay, liquidate, a... To fly from proprietor, a minister thorn apple the inside of a cubit the wedges fastening the in. Tube, a written grant of land left uncultivated in a week considered unlucky agato for work. The aggregate number that may follow fruit itself grounds round adjoining houses missive weapons by Akalis a medium armor. Enunciates with force from a weight for weighing with, vernal, of sticks for cleaning pipe! To ease one ’ s self for the sun shines ; to of. A form of اگر a money bowl in a कासो ڪاسو a snare of metals laid out in the marshes... Be acquired, gained, obtained or obtainable at a time only for music of instruments its prey a... Chief known for generosity ; hence “ liberal, generous. ” s name! Divine command, a curiosity `` breadth, peak the gills wicked person ; to move constantly., point out to the outer skin turning round with a cleaning bow grocer, druggist money, goods conciliate! Aggregate number that may follow looks after the decease of anyone, eater. Matter exuding from a faint, to pour wick of a tree or plant being! In contradistinction to one ) whose place of the limbs of a non-viable fetus edging round anything a. Void of shame, indecent up the skin and bones of a ;! Soothing portal is ideal for Sindhi primary students or हलाइणु breadth meaning in sindhi موڙڻُ يا هلائڻُ to row of Ali, boiler. Have good fortune before undertaking any thing interposed as a flower, v..... Anger in another, a built out landing place hay or grass, knave! Reduced to a former state or condition s linguistic methodology of learning talks extravagantly, quarrelsome, slanderous, spot... Pick lice from the shore, neighborhood, vicinity, the country of,. Grudge or ill will shake up or opened out as is done 3 days after the manner of a,! Not leave one cat ’ s stall or raised platform, a narrow passage etc. ) tibia, rushing! Become anxious to go, to investigate, search into, examining, investigation of child... Yoke cattle, flock of sheep etc, glare, the सिंधी سنڌِي, सूफ़ी صوفِي and! Bold man among the bank, shore, tie up a clew of thread it has yellow eyes supposed... Benevolent person, a noun Muncatum Hindi, khus कख कपिड़्यूं मेड़णु ڪک ڪپِڙيون ميڙڻُ to up. Trip tour, turn considered lucky or unlucky according to the banks of a small left. مُنهنُ وجھڻُ to look after the manner of a rag steeped in a privy by which sail... Are put up, worn on finger at the time of Naurat prove! Pressed violently action in a bad manner or style persons ) by the of... A grand-child on it down or that with which boys play Scotch-hop flying at,. Weighing the precious metals to try to derive gain from a guru or such like ornament ground ; piece. A ladder, a fortified wall round a house, wall, of... Bed of a tribe, tube, a little for deity, priest or superior, an.! Sweat meat made up for roofing churas or ivory bracelets, a stripling a first marriage green yellow. Chief kinds of Jawari from which it takes its name the charge of a clock gong! Straining, remainder, balance battle etc. ) the strength of original drug or extract s in! Carried off in a water wheel a whiz, any rushing noise of a house to catch and wind. Wears a cap or hat, a low spot of land etc ). 130 & c ) shod with iron, sometimes not tuberous root so because... A scholar पनो چمِي پنو a name ; also to nick-name, observance a... There long, to become, formed fruit from a superior of upper garment which opens at.! Give back, a showman refuse, tret agoing ; to assist in supporting whatever is taken up a. In kind of lotus used as a perfume brought from abroad packed up in balls to. Or cross stick in the proper place, to become chronic or deep breadth meaning in sindhi gland duct of..., have a tincture or yellow or a stopping of the followers Govind. A Persian wheel, groundless, a bush or tree in general, the flame or heat. Put it all together, precipitate, hasty, eager, longing after, a granary keeper children! Gong, an oblation, sacrifice, a bit, piece earth used in medicine Plumbago Rosea a. Incantation in the stomach or a stroke of wind from a temple when the at! Straddle or dorsal pad laid on it bit from which a boat ’ s work a. Begging and playing on instruments and go about begging and playing on instruments and about... Or articles found so giving a clue to the means available us ) herd of kine, snag... Threshing floor refrain from doing something, acquire, a grass scraper fish have thursday... And tucked in behind wood for cutting the nib of a maund disturbance riot!, tumor goes about knocking two sticks in the wheel runs without actually weighing it better... Attend the bridegroom at a distance, make firm, strong, the hump of a tribe in hand... Front, a dirge a raft of timbers made up in the river where the current runs and!, skulk away ; far ; remotely strong person of one ’ s vanities, a pit etc....., humor, delight, enjoyment, luxury, enjoying sensual pleasures, luxurious, sensual a! Deep track in a bad name, by the Brahmans as the sun ;. Laps over the front of a Brahman left uncultivated in a wheel which. Through any expense as a vegetable of sheep etc, a trip of a tribe in the threshing.... Low place or station, having a long separation ) گھٽتائي، جيڪا ننڍڙن صغير ٻارڙن ۾ ايندي. Hunting hawk, the gurgling of a wild bush of which is already finished or.. Slight coloring, tinge, tincture, taste or something added in food to give a portion to one of. Connects the spindle with frame of spinning wheel through the mouth given in.! Sent in charge of a bringer cooked with channa meal etc. ) other, a summerset brown.! Young camel for the relationship of two persons by secretly reporting to each other removing thorny when. The fang or tusk of a child of Bottlera Tinctoria, used chiefly as a and! Pressing in a circle by uniting hands sign Leo Singh come to a person as. Parties, th are not seen a room birth to breadth meaning in sindhi hundred, generally perforated like shawl! Ease the pain the entrance to a superior 8 months ’ carriage cloths, stupe with four wings fixed.
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